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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I advertise for just one month?

All campaigns have a minimum term of just three (3) months, with six month or longer terms attracting bonus foyer advertising.  While it may seem attractive to advertise an upcoming sale or special offer for just one month, you may not reach enough of your target demographic in such a short space of time.  It would be better to plan ahead and start your campaign earlier, or let it run over and change the offer mid-term.

When can I start my new campaign?

Cinema advertising campaigns commence at the beginning of each calendar month.  There are special exceptions to this, however these exceptions may incur a small fee.  This is because there is a workflow that we as an agency and the projectionist / cinemas must follow to screen your advert across all sessions and it is more efficient and economical in labour terms to batch these together on a monthly basis. Similarly, all accounting is processed on a monthly basis.

How do I pay for my campaign?

Our campaign and billing cycle is based on the calendar month.  Your account for the month-in-advance, ie. prepaid, is sent out to you by email on the Seventh (7th) of each calendar month and is due and payable on the 22nd of that month ahead of your screening month.  Your campaign is billed on a monthly basis, however you may pre-pay up to three months in advance if this is more convenient for your business. Payment is usually taken by direct deposit with our banking details on page two of your invoice.  We also offer Credit Card, EFTPOS / Paypass transactions at your business if circumstances allow. If you have arranged production of your commercial with us, as well a cinema advertising campaign, it is important to note that production is quoted and invoiced separately from your advertising.  Production is NOT included in your campaign price.

What happens if I miss a payment date or cannot make a payment on time?

We understand that every business gets periods where it’s hectic and sometimes accounts get lost or overlooked.  We also understand that sometimes slow payments from other businesses or customers can cause gaps in your cashflow.  We anticipate this from time to time and allow your account to fall into a state of suspension where payment is missed.  Because all campaigns are pre-paid month-in-advance, you have the safety in knowing that you can never rack up a bill that you cannot meet. If your campaign lapses into suspension, this simply means that your campaign timer stops.  Your advert(s) will not play from the month commencing your suspension date and will be able to be resumed once payment from you resumes.  This is the safest way for everyone and gives you peace of mind.  Your campaign can rest in suspension for up to three months, however you should endeavour to recommence for your defined term as soon as you are able.

If I have my own television advert, can I use that in cinemas?

Yes, many advertisers bring their own commercial over from television.  Often the network are happy for you to use your advert in cinemas, however be aware that most charge a small release fee for retrieving your file and transferring your commercial to us in digital format.  This fee ranges from $45 to $70 depending upon your local network office.  We are happy to convert your Standard Definition (SD) commercial to a High Definition (HD) version in a format for the big screens, however, you will see a lower quality when scaled up to such a large size.  We do not charge you for this conversion. If you are unsure that a quality drop is a good idea, speak with us about reproducing your advert in stunning high definition.  Your new advert may also be released to use on television.

Am I able to swap my commercial for a new one mid-term?

Yes.  You may swap in a new commercial up to one time each calendar month.  Additional swaps and changes may incur labour charges.  To swap in a new commercial, simply upload your new advert file right here at our website, or if we are producing your advert, we will handle this for you.  Give us instruction as to when you would like your new advert to run from.