Seven Levels are EXPANDING our service offering and adjusting our pricing across our range to bring you premium production quality at the best value!

4K or HD Pipeline

Shooting on high-end digital film cameras, editing and colour grading with RAW pipelines enables us to provide the highest quality cinematic production for your commercial. Our special effects compositing is also conducted in the highest bit depths and resolutions before we down-convert to broadcast or web standards.

Experience counts

We’re passionate operators with more than 34 years experience in photography, videography, audio production and sales with a focus on developing strong, professional relationships with our valued clients.

Fully Insured

We carry full public liability cover up to $10,000,000 so you have peace of mind that you are working with a professional company.

Advertise in Cinemas

If you know what you want, or have advertised with BIGSCREEN Cinemas Hervey Bay and/or Reading Cinemas Bundaberg perviously;  why not purchase your campaign onilne thorugh our web store?

On the ground, in the water or in the air...

We have you covered from every angle, even the quirky ones! Take advantage of truely creative shooting for your project.

Specialists in creative commercial production.

With a passion for story-telling and connecting emotionally with our audience, we love creating innovative commercials for online digital, television and cinema.  We have a strong history in general and retail business, hospitality and tourism and start-ups.

tell your story

Are you spending too long with your clients or customers repeating yourself, want to connect with your target demographic in a personal way and build trust for your brand or simply reach more with your message?  Video is simply the most powerful vehicle — whether online in social media, on television or in cinemas!

Advertise in Cinemas with Seven Levels

advertise in cinemas

Cinema advertising offers advertisers the incredible opportunity to reach and engage consumers on a personal level.  Learn more about tapping this exciting and sought-after demographic.

upload media

Use our intuitive media uploader via Digital Pigeon to send us your files.  It’s as easy as Drag-&-Drop!

see our work

Spend some time looking over our showcase of production work produced with budgets ranging from micro business to enterprise.

OUR story begins with YOURS

Storytelling is as old as humanity itself.  It’s how we communicate best and visual media is the strongest way to convey your story.  We believe that you can best reach your market through visually stunning storytelling leveraging the power of television, online video and cinema advertising.

Remaining always humble, our philosophy is to work with you hand-in-hand, striving with every video production project to exceed our objective and let your personal story shine through without breaking your budget.




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What could you achieve given a powerful cinematic production, immersive sound and vision and an attentive audience looking to experience, explore and engage with your product? Find out the impact you could have on this sought after demographic with Seven Levels cinema advertising. Seven Levels are your commercial production and cinema and advertising partners in the Wide Bay and Fraser Coast regions, offering professional, high definition and 4K video production.  We work with you from inception through scripting, shooting and editing, all the way to final output to online, television and/or cinema.