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Why advertise in Cinemas?

Impact and Recall

Dynamic and focussed commercials that screen repeatedly have impact and audience recall.

Attentive Audience

Reach an excited and attentive audience who have paid to be seated in an auditorium.  There are no remote controls in the cinema!

Desirable Demographics

Your commercial is placed in front of a much sought after, diverse demographic who often have more money to spend on your products or services.


At approximately 60 cents per commercial screening, cinema advertising represents extraordinary value for money compared with other media.

The Power of Cinema

Unlike print or audio media where your commercial may be unheard, overlooked or disposed of, Cinema Advertising impacts relaxed and excited audiences by captivating them with your on-screen presentation.  With your target audience captive in the cinematic environment, moviegoers will experience all your business has to offer on the BIGGEST screens with the most crisp and dynamic sound.  You also have the power to lock out your competitors!

Cinema is an ideal medium to target the more affluent sectors of the population with good levels of disposable income.


Source:  Roy Morgan 2010

60% of frequent moviegoers are non/light TV viewers.

Source:  Roy Morgan 2010

82% of moviegoers enjoy the pre-film adverts.




91% of moviegoers remember cinema adverts unaided up to one week after going to movies.




81% of teens have been to the movies in the past 30 days. 59% of teens saw 3 or more movies in the past 90 days.





Moviegoing is a shared experience, making cinema an ideal medium to target couples, groups of friends and families.

Source: Roy Morgan 2010

Cinema attracts an even distribution of gender profile with 47% male and 53% female.

Source: Roy Morgan 2010

Age distribution of cinemagoers is weighted toward the 14-24 year age group on a gentle bell curve.

Source: Roy Morgan 2010

Cinemagoers typically have good education levels, with cinema an ideal medium to target people in higher education.

Source:  Roy Morgan 2010


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