Before you tell us about yourself, maybe you would like to know a bit about our story?

A Digital Agency

From video capture through editing, grading and FX creation to output to cinema, television and web, Seven Levels manage a completely digital workflow.  We make your life easier by offering advanced online proofing systems to keep you in the loop every step of the creative process.  We also offer archiving solutions so your footage is available when it’s time to produce your next commercial.

Forward Thinking

To allow creativity to reach it’s maximum potential it’s not enough to simply “think outside the square”, Seven Levels also pursue the latest hardware and software available to create results that stand out.  It takes passion to stay ahead of the “norm”, and that’s what we live and breath!

Problem Solvers

There are always challenges that arise both in the “business of doing business” as well as throughout the creative process.  The team at Seven Levels thrive on challenges with the understanding that with every challenge comes a lesson and lessons lead to growth.

Customer Support

Lot’s of people talk about customer support and satisfaction guarantees, but when the chips are down, are they willing to go the extra mile to achieve this?  The team at Seven Levels subscribe to a culture of client confidence and are happy to put in the late night and weekend hours when required to meet deadlines and exceed our client’s expectations.  It’s always the little things that can put a smile on our client’s face and so we never stop searching for the little things.

Our Story

Moving from strength to strength and offering services in our area that had in the past been bought in from outlying city areas, our goal is to keep client’s happy and remain the people that our client’s can call friends.  The human connection and the stories that we relate form the foundation of what we are about.

  • Commercial Production 60% 60%
  • Cinema Advertising 20% 20%
  • Business Development 20% 20%
  • Client Happiness 100% 100%
To understand a little more about our inner workings, it may be helpful to get to know our team and our process; Our director Shannon Glen has a strong background in photography, video production, technology, IT and retail sales and management.  He has spent over nine years in retail management involved in big name electronics companies and IT which led onto running a small web and print design business for a further seven years before the founding of Seven Levels.

Shannon’s wife Tanya has also spent numerous years in retail and customer support with the big retail chains, Harvey Norman, Clive Peeters, The Good Guys and Retravision.  Her skills bring a wealth of productivity, business development ideas, accounts management and creativity to the table.

As well as striving to provide the very best quality commercial production, we also provide opportunity for a small, select group of talent to appear in, act, or present in commercials produced  through our ModelLinc agency branch. The ready availability of talent combined with in-house video production, professional voice overs and in-house, high quality motion graphics and VFX provide our clients with a broad range of options in the advertising production phase.

To further enhance the client experience, an in-house custom client relationship management system (CRM) is being developed.  This new system assists in contact management, advertising scheduling and client account financials. As Seven Levels grows into the future, we aim to partner with more regional cinemas through which our clients may advertise as well as the employment of additional sales representatives and an expanded range of talent taken onto the books for production in these new regional areas.

Our Team

Shannon Glen

Shannon Glen

Director / Producer / DP / Editor / SFX / Writer

Our founder and company director, Shannon works long hours behind the camera and edit bay as well as overseeing accounts, web, social, client meet-and-greet and inspiring special effects creation.

Shannon studied a Diploma of Business Management and completed colour grading courses with Color Grading Central and has a long history of retail experience, managing electronics stores, and building up a web and print design business prior to moving his business across to, and following his passion, cinematography.

Shannon has created over 192 cinema and television commercials and operated an independent and successful business for over 15 years.   With a passion for pushing the limits of creativity and always hungry to listen and learn, Shannon is the gears of the operation.


Tanya Glen

Tanya Glen

Creative Assistant

Always inspired with creative ideas, Tanya offers a unique ability to bring a new angle to the script writing and art direction process.  Tanya also manages some accounts but is focussed now on being a mostly full time mum, a role which she relishes.

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Contact us during business hours by telephone, mobile or email.  You may also connect with us on social media.  We look forward to working with you, learning your story and showing your customer’s why your business is important to them.

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