Hervey Bay RSL

Get Together

The Challenge

Hervey Bay RSL has always had a great reputation for quality food and great service but many had not thought of the venue for catering to large groups, parties and events.  With this commercial, we were asked to portray the venue as well positioned to cater for these and thereby expand the current demographic of diners to the venue.

The Solution

“Go big or go home” was the philosophy here.  We staged a complete birthday dinner for a lovely lady and her doting stage spouse, complete with friends and children.  Elaborate arrays of food were prepared that were in keeping with the output and availability of the superb kitchen at the RSL, complete with a birthday cake.  

Using the primary logo colour of GOLD in the highlights, we contrasted the mid-tones and shadows with teal and cyan and warm, glowing skin tones.  This made for a warm feel with a colour contrast that made skin tones pop.  All visual effects and colour grading were completed in house.

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