Hervey Bay RSL

Little Rissoles

The Challenge

Many families with young children often struggle to find a venue that caters for their needs.  It’s not always easy to find baby sitters and often it’s not desirable to do so if you are fitting lunch or dinner into a busy day with kids in tow.

The Kids Club, “Little Rissoles” was recently renovated to fill this need and offers one of the best kids clubs in the Bay.  The manager spoke with us about creating a new campaign to sell the sought after facility to the target demographic.

The Solution

We wanted to speak to both the children and the parents in this commercial to improve the overall appeal of the facility to both demographics.  The concept we created was over the top and fantastic using big, colourful motion graphics to appeal to children’s imaginations as well as showing parents the peace of mind they can have with a staffed child minding facility where they can observe their children playing safely from the dining area.

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