Hervey Bay RSL

Sunday Breakfast

The Challenge

The Hervey Bay RSL are known for high quality food at extraordinary low prices and the manager wanted to extend their offering to include a family oriented Sunday breakfast.  The concept was strong, but the word wasn’t getting out into the target market and sales were not where they needed to be to continue the concept.  We were asked to create a campaign for cinema and television that would let people know just how good their Sunday Breakfast was and who it’s intended for.

The Solution

After partaking in a Sunday Breakfast, we know it would be an easy sell.  The product was outstanding and the atmosphere out on the new deck was blissful at that time of the morning.  We were targeting families and couples with this campaign and so we sought out a happy, vibrant and fun loving family for the role.  The commercial demonstrates warm shots, happy times and great food and helped to bump sales up beyond their capacity to cater for.

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