St John’s Lutheran Primary School Bundaberg

The Challenge

To reach out to potential new enrolling families and to demonstrate that a smaller school like St John’s Lutheran Primary School can provide students with a warm, value based and rich learning environment that larger schools with higher numbers may not be able to provide as easily.  It was important to convey the school’s solid faith-based foundation, dedication to family values and grounded educational principles.

The Solution

By conveying the core concepts through a story-telling sequence, we were able to encapsulate the key strength positions of this wonderful school.  We wanted to provide a sample of the journey through the age groups from first days through to graduation without the tone of the commercial feeling too wooden.  By using strong, emotive images and musical score, we feel that we could take the viewer on a journey with the staff and students to help them to relate and resonate with the core beliefs and foundations of St John’s Lutheran Primary.

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