Vivid Home Builders

Corporate Digital 2018

The Challenge

To really convey the essence of who Tony Port is and his passion for building while giving viewers the confidence needed to work with Tony as their preferred home builder.  Building a home is a major step in peoples lives and choosing the right builder can be daunting.  With this digital presentation, the objective was to remove any preconceived notions and fears about the process that potential clients may have and give them the confidence that this custom home builder has the passion and experience required to provide them with the very best result.

The Solution

We wanted to capture the soul of Tony by shooting a freestyle interview with some guiding questions, and then piece together a cogent presentation that answers most questions and allays most fears that potential new clients have.  In doing so we captured many funny moments when Tony was feeling more relaxed and added these as a blooper reel at the end of the video.  These bloopers really help to show Tony’s heart and his humanity and in doing so, let the viewer feel more connected to Tony and know that they would be dealing with a real person and not a faceless corporate project building company.

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