Tell your story with the broadest reach with a professionally produced HD television commercial.

Why advertise on Television?

Broadest reach

Television reaches nearly every home in the broadcast reach area and therefore has a potentially wide demographic capture.

Specific Placement

Place your commercial with specific television shows or events to reach a specific demographic.

Packaged Media

Television is sometimes available as a bundle with radio which improves your reach in a cost effective manner.

Television vs Cinema.  Where should I place my commercial?

Often we will recommend a mixed marketing approach for most clients which includes cinema, television, radio,  print or online media.  If you’re targeting a higher socio-economic demographic, the travel and entertainment sector or the 18-30 age group, we would recommend you spend more of your marketing budget in cinema and online advertising.

Unlike print or audio media where your commercial may be unheard, overlooked or disposed of, Cinema Advertising impacts relaxed and excited audiences by captivating them with your on-screen presentation.  With your target audience captive in the cinematic environment, moviegoers will experience all your business has to offer on the BIGGEST screens with the most crisp and dynamic sound.  You also have the power to lock out your competitors!

Television advertising, on the other hand will ensure your commercial has the broadest possible reach so long as you have the budget to ensure adequate repetition.  Unlike cinema, television viewers may include less desirable target markets for your products or services and may miss those that step out during commercial breaks or use time-shifting devices such as PVRs to ‘skip the ads’ or mute the sound.  Television is a ‘broad brush’ approach, but can deliver a big impact if your commercial has a strong appeal and clear message.

No matter where you decide to spend your advertising dollars, a strong commercial will be the key to unlocking your sales potential and raising the brand awareness of your business.  Seven Levels focus exclusively on high quality commercial production to tell your story and raise your company profile.  Speak with us today about a commercial that resonates best with your target demographic!


We’re looking forward to discussing your individual needs with you personally, at your place of business at a time convenient to yourself.  We want to tell your story and show your brand to your community.  Book now… It’s as easy as type and click!