Tell your story, share your passion and engage your customers with highest quality commercial production!


Our commercial production work is now shot in stunningly crisp, RAW 4.6K and RAW HD on the BlackMagic Design Ursa Mini Pro camera, Blackmagic Design’s new Pocket Cinema Camera 4K as well as Canon HD cameras in RAW and compressed formats, colour corrected and graded in industry leading DaVinci Resolve.  Shooting on a range of cameras and mounts with professional Canon lenses, professional lighting and grip, your story is told at its best!

We also create our special effects and do all of our compositing and 3D work in the highest resolution that each project demands using industry standard Fusion as well as After Effects, ensuring you get astounding results every time.


We believe that to reach your market, your target viewers must identify with your story. Our aim is to guide your potential clients or customers to feel and identify with your passion and understand what drives you to wake each morning and do what you do.

Telling stories is how we as a people connect with one another and share our thoughts, feelings, heartaches and passions.  Using video is the strongest medium to convey these in the shortest and most concise way.

If a picture tells a thousand words, what can video convey with motion picture, spoken word and emotive music?

That’s why we weave your personal story and your passion, which incorporates your unique value proposition, into every commercial that we produce.


We believe that you, as the business owner and hero of the story, should be kept fully engaged throughout the production process.

This is why we have deeply researched some of the best collaboration, proofing and file sharing systems on offer.  You are always kept abreast of the work that we do and can markup comments with frame accuracy, ensuring that the project receives all the love and attention it needs to succeed.

You have complete engagement with frame accurate commenting and markup, audio auditioning and script approval.

What’s more, you can do this from home, the office or mobile.


We are passionate about the quality of our work and so we studied colour theory and professional colour grading with Color Grading Central and gained qualification in the art and science.  We continue to learn and perfect our skills in this field and strive to gain a place among the top colourists in the industry.

Colour grading is the critical edge your story needs to convey the depth of emotion and precision of message that you wish to impart on your audience.


While commercial productions wind through many twists and turns, the pipeline usually follows a defined route.  To gain a clearer understanding of our production process, take a moment and read through the step-by-step tabs below which outline each step and how we interact with you on the journey of telling your story.


  • Face to face or over the telephone meeting to discuss your business and the objectives of the production.
  • For basic, low budget productions, this concludes the process of pre-production.   Move on to step 2, production.
  • For higher budget productions we commence creative conceptualisation and scripting.
  • Once we have an agreed script, we may either move on to step 2, production or move to story-boarding.
  • On high level productions, story-boarding and pre-visualisation may be used.
  • For higher budget productions we spend time arranging talent and shooting schedules which may include travel and accommodation arrangements for crew and talent.  Call sheets sent out to all involved.


  • For basic, low budget productions, this involves arriving on site with camera and lighting and taking shots that best highlight your business.  No audio is captured at this price point unless it is critical to the commercial.
  • For higher budget productions, scheduled shooting days are filled with the production process.  Talent and crew members arrive on site with camera(s) and lighting / grip equipment.
  • Shooting takes place over one or more scheduled days and if required, dailies are prepared for the client to involve them in the creative process although this is not so common on lower and mid budget shoots.
  • If dailies are requested, we will put these online at the end of each shoot day.
  • Once shots have all been taken and verified, signed release documents gathered and site all cleaned up, production is complete.


  • With all media shot, gathered, arranged and tagged, the post production pipeline begins.
  • For basic, low budget productions, this involves a simple edit, graphics overlays, voice-over recording, music bed  and shot colour balancing and matching.  This concludes the process for basic productions.  Move to step 4 – Approval.
  • For high budget productions, this involves linking audio to video clips, editing together a rough cut based on the agreed script.  Sometimes we will move the blocks around from the original shot order to improve the visual flow and/or add in B-roll (extra footage shot on set that was not scripted) to add meaning to the story.
  • Once we have the rough cut in place and the story is strong, we tune it until it confirms with the agreed run time of the commercial.  This will typically be either 15 or 30 seconds in duration.
  • With a final cut done, we spend time colour balancing each shot, then shot-to-shot matching is performed to ensure that all the shots look uniform and coherent.  (Shots taken on different cameras or at different times of the day often look quite different and must be matched up to look like a coherent story)
  • On higher budget productions, we will enter an approval stage on the edit to ensure the client is happy with the flow and story and each of the shots selected.  If problems are identified at this stage, a re-shoot may be organised or the script may be modified to maintain or strengthen the story.
  • On high budget productions, effects work may be involved which may include animations, characters, effects additions such as smoke, fire, steam, 3D elements etc.
  • Once editing is completed, colour grading commences which involves adding focus to shots, enhancing certain items or colours and performing detailed secondary corrections to polish each shot.  From here a “look” may be applied to enhance the mood and final finish of the commercial.


With a completed edit, effects, overlays, voice-over, music and colour grading completed, we move to the Approval phase.

  • The completed commercial is compressed in high resolution for web and uploaded to our proofing servers.
  • Notification is sent to all decision makers to review the completed work.
  • Reviewing is frame accurate and allows for comments to be drawn on and marked up on a frame accurate basis.
  • Once revision is submitted online (by using any web browser), comments or approvals come back to us.
  • If changes are requested, these are acted upon and another version is uploaded.
  • We usually allow for four revision cycles for mid sized productions, just one cycle for basic low budget productions and maybe as many as 10 to 15 on larger jobs.


Once a commercial is signed off in approval stage the following may occur;

  • If destined for television, the commercial is sent to FreeTV Australia for review and rating (ie. C, G, L etc.).  This is called CAD and every commercial that goes to air in Australia must have been rated in this way.  The rated commercial is then compressed in either SD or HD variants and uploaded to a distribution network which sends the commercial on to the client’s selected TV network eg. Seven, Nine or TEN.
  • For online distribution, the commercial is compressed for web and sent to the client for download and subsequent uploading onto their preferred service eg. Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo etc.
  • If cinema advertising is selected, we compress the highest resolution version and output in the Digital Cinema Format (DCP) which is unique to cinemas.  We then upload this and make it available to the cinema(s) of the client’s choice.
  • We also prepare a version in the mp4 format (h.264 codec) for the client’s own use.
  • As a final step, we backup and archive the whole job including all files and footage to our internal RAID array (servers) and for higher budget productions we make additional backups to separate drives which can be sent to the client for safe keeping or archived here at Seven Levels.


Prices shown in above table DO NOT include GST.
*  Network distribution costs are NOT included in these packages and may vary according to placement requirements.  Please request quotation on this fee once you have established which networks that you wish to send your new TVC(s) to and either in Standard or High Definition format.


Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

"I have worked with Shannon at Seven Levels as manager of the Hervey Bay RSL for more than two years on a range of projects including cinema and television advertising, in-house video promotion and audio projects.  I’ve found the standard of creativity from Seven Levels is akin to larger metropolitan production houses at regional pricing.  Their style and professionalism is a good fit for our organisation and I would highly recommend them to other small to medium enterprise. "

Jason Lynch

Manager, Hervey Bay RSL


"When I read the proposed script I was blown away, I had to ask if Shannon could fit all that into one 30 second TVC!   When I watched the first draft of the TVC I was again blown away, they delivered everything as promised, no changes needed.   Thank you Seven Levels! Would highly recommend your services to anyone. "


Samantha Evans

Resort Administration Manager, Palm Lake Resort


"The Waves Sports Club engaged Seven Levels for production of its 2018 TV advertising campaign due to the strong reputation it had throughout the Wide Bay.  Through meetings, good communication, and high levels of professionalism and creativity Seven Levels have produced a stunning set of commercials for The Waves, going above and beyond all expectation.  Directing commercials within a high traffic environment like The Waves has its challenges, and Seven Levels is able to think quickly on its feet, adjusting as necessary, yet still providing the highest calibre of professional TVC."


Josh Hogarth

Marketing Manager, The Waves Sports Club

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to produce a commercial?

There is no clear-cut answer to this question, however the following may form a guide;

  • Basic slide and voice-over commercials often used in cinemas range in price from $200 to $700.
  • Full production commercials at 15 seconds may range from $800 to $6,000.
  • Full production commercials at 30 seconds or longer may range from $1000 to 20,000.
  • Full productions that include known talent may be in the tens to hundreds of thousands dependent upon the talent hire fees.

As you can see, these prices fall over a very large range and this is due to the many variations that any given production may include.  Such variations include talent hire, crew hire, location hire, additional equipment hire, catering, location scouting, travel and accomodation costs, professional script-writing, special effects creation, colour grading and ‘looks creation’, music licensing, edit changes made, CAD approvals, network distribution charges and so on… Best advice is to get in touch with us for a no-obligation, cost free discussion over a coffee or beverage of your choice and let us prepare an estimate that suits your style and your budget.

How long might it take to produce my commercial?

There are a number of factors that will play a part in determining the production schedule which might include;

  • Production budget:  Low budget productions are almost always faster to produce.  Slides shows and other image and voice-over style commercials are usually turned over inside a week.  Larger budget, full production commercials which require arrangement and booking of venues, talent, extras and even catering or equipment hire will typically extend your production time.  High end productions usually take between two and eight weeks to complete.
  • Number of people involved:  For obvious reasons, the more people that have to be arranged to come together on a shoot day, the slower production can run.
  • Editing, grading and special effects creation:  For larger budget productions, more time is spent at the edit bay making shot decisions, perfecting the colour grades and creating special effects.  Some of the biggest time blowouts can occur in this area.
  • Inclement weather:  We are always at the whim of the weather and like any outdoor event, shooting a commercial can be delayed days to weeks due to poor weather.
  • Your time and availability for production (where required), proofing and final decisions.
Am I able to use my production, once it's completed, online or on television etc.?

Yes, you are free to use your completed commercial on your website, upload to YouTube, Facebook or any other online representation of your business.  If you intend to run your commercial on television, we will need to prepare your file to be broadcast ready.  This preparation for television is important to ensure that your file meets broadcast specification, complies with FreeTV Australia Commercials Advice (CAD) and is sent on to the network(s) of your choice ready to broadcast. Ask us for more information about this process if you intend to send your commercial to television.


We’re looking forward to discussing your individual needs with you personally, at your place of business at a time convenient to yourself.  We want to tell your story and show your brand to your community.  Book now… It’s as easy as type and click!