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Production Options and Range of Video Production Services

Basic television commercials are great for getting your brand to market, but if you’re looking to take your brand further and stand out from the crowd, you should consider stepping it up a notch or two.

We’ve broken our video production services into easy-to-understand pieces which build upon the Basic Packages summarised on our Tell Your Story page.   Take a look over some of these choices to help you better understand what can be done to take your commercial to the next level and help you stand apart from the crowd!

4.6K RAW Workflow

Shooting on Ursa Mini Pro digital cinema camera and a range of support cameras, our main workflow is 4.6K RAW.  The pristine image quality from the 4.6K sensor is dramatic.  Shooting in RAW with 15 stops of dynamic range and 12 bit colour, you can be assured of the very highest of cinema quality for your commercial production.   Bring your next video production to the highest level with our service offering.

Colour Grading

Standing out from the crowd by branding your business is vital, but why stop there?  Your commercials have the power to amplify your branding potential by including your colour palette and provide the viewer with a beautiful, high quality ‘filmic’ experience.  Grading your commercials also helps provide highlighting of the key components which may be products, people or locations so the viewer is sure to receive your marketing message in the best light.

Casting Talent

When it’s paramount that you convey the emotion of your story to your audience, casting high quality talent is important and worth the extra investment.  Correctly casted talent helps your target market identify with your brand and strengthens the impact of your commercial.  Seven Levels manages a select range of local talent for use within our production pipeline.

Licensed Music

Off-the-shelf royalty free production music can be stayed and dull at best.  Why not take advantage of the dynamic and fresh range of licensed production music to give your commercial a contemporary edge.  The catalogues are huge and there are no ongoing royalty payments, just a simple one-off payment to purchase the license for each medium that your commercial is destined for.  We take great care in selecting the best musical track for your production to ensure that we reach the target demographic and compliments the tone of your production.


Layering vision elements and adding 3D models to scenes is compositing and this includes keying with blue or green screens.  We often use compositing to enhance a shot, like adding smoke, fog, light flares and leaks, film grain, keyed talent or 3D models.  By combining 3D animations, compositing, colour grading and artful camera work, your commercial can be as strong as it can be without breaking your budget.

Creative Script Writing

Moving beyond the basic commercial, you have the opportunity to not just create a commercial, but to tell a story.  A story about you.  A story about what’s important to you and your business.  That’s where creative script writing let’s you shine through your production.  We dive deeply into what makes your business tick and find your story, one that will resonate with your target demographic and form the basis of a compelling campaign.

Logo Animation

In 2D or in 3D, animating your logo makes it stand out!  We are passionate about creating strong and impactful logo animations from your supplied logo, that can be used in your commercials, on social media or in house.  The choices are endless and the result is your branding being noticed.  Have a strong idea that you’d like to try?  Why not run it past us and we shall show you how achievable that could be.  You don’t have to break the budget to be cutting edge.

3D Creation / Animation

Create virtual sets, render 3D objects for 2D or 3D output to use in house for training or presentational work or in your new commercial production.  Why not try animating a character, or showcasing your new product design before it’s been manufactured.  If you have the 3D model files, we can incorporate those into your new production.  There are vast libraries of 3D models available that can add depth to your commercial.  Try something bold and new!

Under Water Cinematography

Shooting from within the water or under the water can add a striking element to your commercial and when combined with other tools, makes for an unforgettable production.  If your business is in tourism, food production, pools, boating or fishing, consider underwater cinematography to enhance your commercial.

Arial Cinematography

Want a different perspective, why not shoot from the sky?  Not just from the sky, but long sweeping track, orbit, reveal and follow shots.  UAV or “drone” cinematography is on trend and sought after.  Add this element to your new commercial  for extra impact!

Subtitles for Social

As well as being crucial for the hearing impaired, subtitles have seen a resurgence in importance and are on trend for social marketing efforts.  Most videos shown in a social media context are displayed, at least initially, with NO SOUND.  This means that your commercial must stand on it’s visual elements alone.  Closed captioning allows the viewer to pause and capture the message in a few seconds, determine if that message is relevant to them, and click to watch or scroll on.  Even now that Facebook plays sound on Timeline videos, the added captioning serves to reinforce the message in the content and improve click rates.

Project Backup

There’s simply nothing more devastating than losing your new production to technical failure, theft or other disaster.  We always back up your new commercial for a minimum three month term on our servers, however, for all larger budget productions we insist on additional backup drive(s).  Furthermore, purchasing a backup solution with your production gives you the flexibility of doing additional works from your captured footage or created assets.  We therefore recommend backup be purchased with EVERY production.

Commercials Advice Rating

If your commercial is destined for television, it must pass through the scrutinising eyes of Commercial Advice (CAD) at FreeTV Australia.  This body is responsible for ensuring that every commercial is rated and screened according to it’s content.  We will prepare your new commercial for rating, obtain rating and ready it for delivery to television networks or online network distribution.

Media Conversions and Distribution

The final step in the production pipeline is file conversion to a range of formats suitable for distribution to online, free-to-air, in-house or physical media.  We can arrange distribution of your new commercial to Australian Television Networks of your choice so all you have to do is book your campaign with your local network sales representative and all the technical stuff is taken care of.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

"I have worked with Shannon at Seven Levels as manager of the Hervey Bay RSL for more than two years on a range of projects including cinema and television advertising, in-house video promotion and audio projects.  I’ve found the standard of creativity from Seven Levels is akin to larger metropolitan production houses at regional pricing.  Their style and professionalism is a good fit for our organisation and I would highly recommend them to other small to medium enterprise. "

Jason Lynch

Manager, Hervey Bay RSL


"When I read the proposed script I was blown away, I had to ask if Shannon could fit all that into one 30 second TVC!   When I watched the first draft of the TVC I was again blown away, they delivered everything as promised, no changes needed.   Thank you Seven Levels! Would highly recommend your services to anyone. "


Samantha Evans

Resort Administration Manager, Palm Lake Resort


"The Waves Sports Club engaged Seven Levels for production of its 2018 TV advertising campaign due to the strong reputation it had throughout the Wide Bay.  Through meetings, good communication, and high levels of professionalism and creativity Seven Levels have produced a stunning set of commercials for The Waves, going above and beyond all expectation.  Directing commercials within a high traffic environment like The Waves has its challenges, and Seven Levels is able to think quickly on its feet, adjusting as necessary, yet still providing the highest calibre of professional TVC."


Josh Hogarth

Marketing Manager, The Waves Sports Club

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to produce a commercial?

There is no clear-cut answer to this question, however the following may form a guide;


  • Basic slide and voice-over commercials often used in cinemas range in price from $200 to $700.
  • Full production commercials at 15 seconds may range from $500 to $6,000.
  • Full production commercials at 30 seconds or longer may range from $700 to 20,000.
  • Full productions that include known talent may be in the tens to hundreds of thousands dependent upon the talent hire fees.

As you can see, these prices fall over a very large range and this is due to the many variations that any given production may include.  Such variations include talent hire, crew hire, location hire, additional equipment hire, catering, location scouting, travel and accomodation costs, professional script-writing, special effects creation, colour grading and ‘looks creation’, music licensing, edit changes made, CAD approvals, network distribution charges and so on… Best advice is to get in touch with us for a no-obligation, cost free discussion over a coffee or beverage of your choice and let us prepare an estimate that suits your style and your budget.

How long might it take to produce my commercial?

There are a number of factors that will play a part in determining the production schedule which might include;

  • Production budget:  Low budget productions are almost always faster to produce.  Slides shows and other image and voice-over style commercials are usually turned over inside a week.  Larger budget, full production commercials which require arrangement and booking of venues, talent, extras and even catering or equipment hire will typically extend your production time.  High end productions usually take between two and eight weeks to complete.
  • Number of people involved:  For obvious reasons, the more people that have to be arranged to come together on a shoot day, the slower production can run.
  • Editing, grading and special effects creation:  For larger budget productions, more time is spent at the edit bay making shot decisions, perfecting the colour grades and creating special effects.  Some of the biggest time blowouts can occur in this area.
  • Inclement weather:  We are always at the whim of the weather and like any outdoor event, shooting a commercial can be delayed days to weeks due to poor weather.
  • Your time and availability for production (where required), proofing and final decisions.
Am I able to use my production, once it's completed, online or on television etc.?

Yes, you are free to use your completed commercial on your website, upload to YouTube, Facebook or any other online representation of your business.  If you intend to run your commercial on television, we will need to prepare your file to be broadcast ready.  This preparation for television is important to ensure that your file meets broadcast specification, complies with FreeTV Australia Commercials Advice (CAD) and is sent on to the network(s) of your choice ready to broadcast. Ask us for more information about this process if you intend to send your commercial to television.


We’re looking forward to discussing your individual needs with you personally, at your place of business at a time convenient to yourself.  We want to tell your story and show your brand to your community.  Book now… It’s as easy as type and click!